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Care Plans & Fees

Fee Guide

New Patient Full Examination
With £40 discount if you decide to join our membership plan on the day.
Swan Adult Care and Registration Plan   £12.95 per month
Routine Examination (up to two visits per year)   Inclusive
Scale & Polish (up to two visits per year)
Please Note: those that require extensive scaling and polishing will be required to make a separate appointment with our hygienist.
Hygienist Appointment from £45.00
Course of periodontal therapy   £200 - £300
X Rays   £7 (inclusive with membership plan)
Treatments with 20% Membership discount
White Filling from £50.00
Amalgam Filling from £45.00
Root Canal Treatment from £190.00
Extractions from £60.00
Crowns from £380.00
Veneers from £500.00
Dentures (full) from £850.00
Dentures (partial) from £450.00
Mouthguards/Night guards from £70.00
Home (tray) whitening - special offer extended from £199.00
In-surgery Laser Whitening from £250.00
Combination of home and laser whitening (introductory price) from £400.00
IV Sedation from £300.00
Treatment options will be fully discussed and a written estimate provided at your initial consultation.


We have a range of payments plans to suit you and your budget. All our plans include accident and trauma insurance, worldwide, of up to £10,000. If you need treatment following an accident away from home, you will be reimbursed by Practice Plan.

Our children's plan covers two routine examinations a year and offers 50% off the price of treatment, though this does not cover those joining us with existing problems (for which an adult fee would be payable). From 5-13 the monthly fee is £3.91, and from 13-19 it is £5.96.

Our Premier Plan, for those that require or wish two additional hygienist visits per year, is £18.95 per month.

Please note, we will do our best to remind you of appointments via text, letter or e-mail, however if you do not attend your routine recalls no refunds can be given.

Please call us for further details.

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