Dentist in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

How Can We Help You?

Our handy guide will help give an idea of what treatment we can provide, and explain some of those confusing dental terms.

I have a broken tooth / filling

I'd like a whiter smile

I have toothache

  • root canal therapy . If you have mild toothache or sensitivity, this can usually be controlled with a new filling or desensitising toothpaste. If the toothache is severe, we can take away your pain by carefully removing the infected part of the tooth. You shouldn't feel a thing! Please note, the tooth may require a crown afterwards, for strength.

I have a missing tooth

I have bleeding gum problems

I have sensitive teeth

I have crooked teeth

  • The traditional way of correcting crooked teeth is with fixed, 'train-track' braces. We can refer you to an orthodontist for this. However many adults are now having their teeth straightened with almost-invisible techniques such as Invisalign and the Inman Aligner. Some cases can take as little as ten weeks!

I have problems with my wisdom teeth

  • See information on wisdom teeth, care, extractions. In some cases we can use the dental laser to remove the gum over the tooth to prevent further infection.

I am nervous of the dentist

  • At Swan, we want the dental experience to be as comfortable as possible. If you are especially nervous, please tell us! We will take the time to talk to you and help to allay your worries. We can arrange for one of our dentists or practice manager to chat to you in a different room to the dental surgery. We plan to bring in DVD glasses to enable you to watch movies or listen to music during those longer appointments. Please bring your MP3 player - this helps many patients to relax. If you would be happier to have sedation, we can arrange for you to take a sedative tablet to relax you before your appointment.

Dentist North Yorkshire - Cosmetic dentistry Harrogate, North Yorkshire helps to give an idea of dental treatment to be provide and explanation of some of confusing dental terms.