Dentist in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Care Plans & Fees

Fee Guide

New Patient Full Examination
Swan Adult Care and Registration Plan   £16.30 per month
Routine Examination (up to two visits per year)   Inclusive
Scale & Polish (up to two visits per year)
Please Note: those that require extensive scaling and polishing will be required to make a separate appointment with our hygienist.
Hygienist Appointment from £57.50
Course of periodontal therapy   £200 - £400
X Rays   £7 (inclusive with membership plan)
Treatments with 20% Membership discount
White Filling from £85.00
Amalgam Filling from £70.00
Root Canal from £260.00
Extractions from £95.00
Crowns from £530.00
Veneers from £550.00
Dentures full from £1000.00
Dentures partial from £560.00
Mouthguards/Night guards from £90.00
Whitening from £299.00
Tongue Tie removal from £350.00
Straightening We offer a range of adult straightening options please contact us to book a free consultation.
Treatment options will be fully discussed and a written estimate provided at your initial consultation.


We have a range of payments plans to suit you and your budget. All our plans include our Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme worldwide, If you need treatment following an accident away from home, you will be reimbursed by Practice Plan.

Our children's plan covers two routine examinations a year and offers 30% off the price of treatment, though this does not cover those joining us with existing problems (for which an adult fee would be payable). From 5-13 the monthly fee is £4.50, and from 13-19 it is £6.50.

Our Premier Plan, for those that require or wish two additional hygienist visits per year, is £23.30 per month.

Please note, we will do our best to remind you of appointments via text, letter or e-mail, however if you do not attend your routine recalls no refunds can be given.

Please call us for further details.

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